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Beta Test Update

December 17, 2019

Thank you for your interest in this plugin and for your patience with the release of the initial beta version! Work is progressing and we are hoping to make the first beta, version 0.3.0, available to registered beta testers by the end of December.

This initial beta version will feature three new views:

Grid view
One to seven days displayed an hour-by-hour grid. Great for conferences with multiple overlapping tracks and numerous events scheduled throughout the day.
Month with sidebar view
A slightly compressed version of the regular month view, with a sidebar that displays the full details of events for a selected day. Great for calendars with a large number of daily events that become unwieldy in the original month view.
Sidebar widget view
Perfect for sidebars, mobile-first designs, or any layout where you want the month view in a tight space. Displays a month grid with dots on days that have events; click/tap on a day to see its events in a list below the grid.

Development thus far has focused on these new views. This version of the beta will not include any of the additional styling or calendar builder tools. But they are still slated for the official 1.0 release in the first quarter of 2020!