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Hi… there are a couple of ways to add links to events in the iCalendar spec. One is to use the dedicated URL field, and the other is to put links into the content of the DESCRIPTION field.

I investigated how these iCalendar fields map to what’s editable in Google Calendar. It looks to me like Google Calendar does not let you set an arbitrary URL for the URL field. The best I can tell is they have dedicated that field to holding the Google Meet URL that gets generated when you click the Add Google Meet video conferencing button.

Google Calendar screenshot

That URL is the field that ICS Calendar uses to make the event title clickable when you have the Link Titles option turned on. URLs in the description do get turned into clickable links, but they only display in the description hover box. It’s not really practical for me to program ICS Calendar to scrape URLs from the DESCRIPTION field to use as the event title link, because a description can include multiple URLs and there’s no way to know whether or not any given URL is suitable to use for this purpose.

As to your question about making the description always visible, that depends on which view you are using. The table-based views do not allow this option because it would make the layout unusable. List, Month with Sidebar, and Widget views should all show the event descriptions at all times when you have that option turned on, as long as you don’t also turn on the Details Toggle option.