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Update: This feature has been requested a couple of times before, but doing it in a conventional way would require a complete rebuild of the Month and Week templates (and Month with Sidebar in Pro), so to date it hasn’t happened.

I decided today to think about more unconventional approaches to this, and I realized that it may be possible with the right CSS to simulate the span effect without actually changing the templates at all. I tested this approach and, at least on fairly simple calendars without a lot of overlapping multi-day events (or scattered single-day all-day events), it seems to work, so I have released it in the new 10.8.7 update to ICS Calendar, which is now available.

This option is not yet built into the Calendar Builder in Pro, so you’ll need to add it directly to your shortcode (after updating ICS Calendar to 10.8.7):


Technically what this is doing in CSS is as follows:

1. Hiding the “ALL DAY” label.
2. Making the event title transparent on days after the first day.
3. Removing the left side border and extending the left edge of the event by 1 pixel to overlap the border on the table cell.

As I said, for calendars without many/any overlapping multi-day events, this seems to do a good job of simulating the effect of an event spanning multiple days. The problem on calendars with overlapping multi-day events is that the events can’t be guaranteed to line up from one day to the next.

Anyway… for users of the Pro version, I still strongly recommend using Full view, as this is one of many reasons why it was added to the plugin in the first place, but if you prefer the look of Month or Week view, or the unique features of Month with Sidebar, this may be a viable option for you to try.