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Hi, thanks for your positive feedback.

I agree the Full view is not the best on mobile at the moment. There are some limits to what I can do to customize that experience, because those templates are generated by the library.

I have noticed in the FullCalendar documentation that improved mobile support is on their development roadmap, so I’m awaiting that before making too many customizations of my own on top of it. In my observation, there are two main issues though, which I do believe I can address, and am planning to add in an update in the near future:

1. It would be nice to be able to set a different default tab on mobile vs. on desktop, e.g. desktop could load with Month pre-selected, but mobile could load with List pre-selected. This will be introduced in ICS Calendar v. 4.9. (No definite timeline on that but it should be this month.)

2. The only consistent problem I have personally noticed with the month tab on mobile is that if you have the day name headers set to show the full day name (the default), they overrun the table cells and overlap with each other. So I’d like to have them automatically revert to the abbreviations on mobile. I’m still debating whether to make this an option, or just force it automatically. But this should be included in v. 4.9 as well, or possibly even sooner.