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    Rick van Dalen

    When i test my site in GTmetrix I notice that ICS calendar produces a lot of css and js files.
    Is this really necessary? Can this be optimized?



    I’m working on a way to only include the Full and Masonry assets when they’re actually needed (when those views are being used). The other assets are all needed but could possibly be combined. The plugin generally should work with other plugins that combine JS and CSS files. (I unfortunately had to roll back some efforts I had made in deferring and conditionalizing some of these because of conflicts with those plugins.)


    I decided to prioritize the “low hanging fruit” of these optimizations for today’s updates.

    ICS Calendar 10.8.2 and Pro 4.4.7 are now available.

    ICS Calendar 10.8.2 eliminates the r34ics-ajax.js file, and now uses minified versions of its main JS and CSS files.

    ICS Calendar Pro 4.4.7 eliminates these files: js.cookie.min.js, view-full.css and view-masonry.css, and also uses minified versions of the remaining JS and CSS files.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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