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    Stefan Ershammar

    I use an booking app (teamup) awhere i publish events and also hhandle booking. I want to publish event for this and comming week (workshop perfect now) biut I want to open for booking (via link to event) 4 hour before event. Thus the funktion to set time before event tto publish/add attachements to event.

    Similar functions may be useful for organisations who manage a selforganizong group and want to automatic open for the public to sign up for event.


    This really seems like it is functionality you’ll need to look for in the software for your source calendar. ICS Calendar just displays the feed and is not intended for complex interactive logic.

    If the issue is that your updates to the source calendar are not appearing quickly enough in ICS Calendar, I would recommend adjusting the Transient (cache) expiration option on the ICS Calendar Settings page, and also be sure that if you have any other caching plugin installed, that it is not caching the page the calendar is on. You may also want to try using the AJAX loading option if caching is a problem.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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