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New “All Parameters” Documentation Page

As a developer, documentation can always be one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish. It’s absolutely critical to help users of complex software, but it can also be one of the most tedious aspects of the project. After all, why write about what you’ve already built, when you could be building something new instead?…


Return the full parsed event data array only, rather than displaying calendar output.


Invert the overall calendar display from dark-on-light to light-on-dark.


Show past events in list view in reverse chronological order.

ICS Calendar Pro version 3.15 introduces Widget Availability view

Big things are still underway for version 4.0 of ICS Calendar Pro, which will introduce an integration of the library for a whole new way of displaying an integrated, interactive multi-view calendar. But don’t worry… the current set of views aren’t going anywhere! In fact, today’s release of version 3.15 introduces a new view,…

The trouble with translation

Today I’m preparing to release version 3.13.0 of ICS Calendar Pro, which will be incorporating a handful of changes from ICS Calendar 9.5.0 and beyond, including the new stickymonths option. A big part of adding features to ICS Calendar Pro is making sure they’re accounted for in the Calendar Builder, and that means translating blocks…

New features in ICS Calendar 9.1.0

Version 9.1.0 is out and it includes three new shortcode attributes! Individual event .ics downloads This is been a frequently requested feature, and now it’s here! Add eventdl=”true” to your shortcode to add a clickable download link to each event. This will download a customized .ics file containing only the selected event for users to…

New developer function in ICS Calendar 8.12.0

ICS Calendar is fundamentally a tool for non-developer WordPress admins to have an easy way to display their external calendars seamlessly in WordPress sites. But many developers have also found it useful as a tool they can extend for their own purposes. As its usage grows and new use cases come to my attention, I…


Set the overall title for the calendar display.