Sample Calendars

This page shows “live” calendar views using our default sample calendar. You can also preview your own calendar if you know your ICS feed URL. Calendar appearance (colors, fonts, etc.) can be customized with CSS or, in the Pro version, via the Customizer.

Note: ICS Calendar Pro also includes Masonry, Year with Sidebar and Year Availability views, not shown here. Those views are options on the preview page.

Note: Some layouts display differently on phones than on desktop screens. Please view this page on a computer (or tablet in landscape mode) to see the desktop layouts.

Full view is new in ICS Calendar Pro version 4.0, available now!

Full view uses the library to render your calendar output in up to four flexible, tabbed views within the same page. By default the tabs include month, week, day and list, but you can choose to omit any of the four. You can also choose which view is shown by default on page load.

This view is available in ICS Calendar Pro only.

This is the default layout. See your events a month at a time in the familiar calendar layout.

Note: Some of the features shown here (search filter, month/list toggle) are only available with ICS Calendar Pro.

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