Terms & Conditions

We’ll keep this simple, with a minimum of jargon and “legalese.” The bottom line is, we are doing our best to provide a quality product for you, in good faith, and we respectfully request the same good faith from you in return.

Who We Are

ICS Calendar and ICS Calendar Pro are developed by Room 34 Creative Services, LLC, a Limited Liability Company organized in the state of Minnesota, in the United States of America.

Software Licenses

ICS Calendar Free WordPress Plugin

Per WordPress.org requirements, the free ICS Calendar plugin (downloadable at https://wordpress.org/plugins/ics-calendar) is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2.0.

ICS Calendar Pro Paid WordPress Plugin

ICS Calendar Pro is proprietary, copyrighted software, owned by Room 34 Creative Services, LLC. By purchasing the paid ICS Calendar Pro software, you are obtaining a perpetual, non-transferrable license to use the software version currently available at the time of purchase.

By purchasing an “annual” license, you ALSO obtain a perpetual, non-transferrable license to access, download and use future updates, distributed through our website at icscalendar.com, for a period of ONE YEAR from the date of purchase. Annual licenses are renewable… annually.

By purchasing a “lifetime” or “developer” license, you ALSO obtain a perpetual, non-transferrable license to access, download and use ALL future updates, distributed through our website at icscalendar.com, for as long as the software is actively developed and maintained.

You are free to continue using the licensed software beyond the period of your license, but certain features are designed to fully function only with an active, valid license key installed on the website.

Included Third-Party Software

ICS Calendar and ICS Calendar Pro may include embedded versions of both free and commercial third-party software. Inclusion of said software is done in compliance with those third parties’ terms of use. All third-party software remains the property of those third parties, and may not be separated, reused, modified, or redistributed for any purpose, unless authorized under their respective license terms.

Reservation of Rights

By purchasing ICS Calendar Pro, you are gaining a license to use the software. You do not acquire any ownership interest in the software. Room 34 Creative Services, LLC retains all copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights to the software and its associated digital assets. Your license does not grant you the right to resell or redistribute the software, or to distribute modified versions of the software.

Warranty and Support

Our software is provided AS-IS, with no warranty whatsoever. Users with valid and active licenses will be provided with good faith service and support for issues DIRECTLY PERTAINING to the functionality of our software, for the duration of your license period, via the support documentation and contact forms available on our website. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to resolve any particular issues, nor does your license guarantee any access to our development services.

We are available for hire on an hourly or per-project basis to provide additional support and/or software development and customization services, but these services are not included with the purchase of a software license.

Software Refunds

If you find that ICS Calendar Pro does not meet your needs, please let us know within 14 calendar days of purchase, and we will issue a full refund. Any and all licenses associated with the refunded purchase will be immediately revoked, but the associated user login for our site will not be deactivated.

Merchandise Refunds, Returns and Exchanges

Our merchandise orders (stickers, t-shirts, etc.) are fulfilled by a third-party, on-demand manufacturer. We cannot offer any refunds, returns or exchanges for merchandise. However, if you did not receive your order, or if it arrives damaged, please let us know within 5 calendar days, and we will work with our vendor to see if a refund is possible.

Limits of Liability

Room 34 Creative Services, LLC, makers of ICS Calendar and ICS Calendar Pro, its owners, representatives and affiliates, may not be held liable for ANY ISSUES OR DAMAGES WHATSOEVER, including loss of data or revenue, resulting from the use of our software, nor for any incompatibilities with other vendors’ software, nor for any failure of our software to be suitable for a particular use or purpose.


By using ICS Calendar and/or ICS Calendar Pro, you agree to the terms outlined in this document. You further agree to use our software only for purposes that are legal within your jurisdiction.

These terms are subject to change without notice. Last updated September 8, 2021.