Easily add your existing calendar to any WordPress site

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ICS Calendar Pro

ICS Calendar Pro supports all of the features of the free version, plus eight additional views, extra options in the four core views, an intuitive Calendar Builder interface with full Block Editor integration, font and color tools in the Customizer, and more!

Version 5.1 introduces ICS Events. Now you can create and manage your own events directly in WordPress and integrate them seamlessly with ICS Calendar. Categorize events with custom colors, and combine internal events with external feeds in the same calendar.

See below for a full comparison of features.

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Feature Comparison

Calendar view options

The standard calendar table layout
A simple list of individual events, suitable for CSS customization
A day-by-day events list
Single week table view — perfect for public displays
Switchable month/week/day/list view using FullCalendar
Tiled list view using Masonry
Month with Sidebar
Interactive month table with daily events list in sidebar
Up Next New!
Show what’s happening right now, or the next upcoming event
Mini month table with daily events list below
Widget Availability
Mini month optimized for rental bookings
Year with Sidebar
Year-at-a-glance with daily events list in sidebar
Year Availability
Year view optimized for rental bookings

Easy setup

Works with either Classic Editor or Block Editor (Gutenberg);
use our online Shortcode Builder to easily generate your code
Classic Editor “Add ICS Calendar” button
Makes it easy to generate your shortcode in Classic Editor
Calendar Builder
Use a visual configuration tool instead of typing your shortcode
Block Editor (Gutenberg)
Use the Calendar Builder directly in the Block Editor without a shortcode
Insert a calendar in your sidebar using widgets

Language and localization

Feed content
All event data is displayed in the feed’s original language
WordPress date and time settings
Uses the language and date/time formats configured in your general settings
Translated admin pages
Admin pages automatically display in the language configured in general settings, for over 40 locales.
Client timezone support
Automatically display events in the user’s local timezone


Multiple feeds
Combine multiple source feeds into one displayed calendar
Color-coded events
Give each feed its own custom color
Event details
Descriptions, locations, organizers & links display on hover or tap
Customizable date ranges
Display any range of future (or past!) dates that are contained in your feed
Design modifications using CSS
Use our CSS classes to customize your look
Design modifications using the Customizer
Adjust colors, fonts and element sizes with no CSS coding required
Event illustrations New!
Keyword-based images from Google Calendar or your own designs

Enhanced functionality

Custom WordPress actions and filters
Further modify calendar output with PHP
ICS Events New!
Create and manage events directly in WordPress
Additional actions and filters
PHP developers can fully manipulate feed data
Event filter/search tool
Matching events are filtered as you type
Month/list view toggle
Users can switch easily between month and list views
Subscribe links
Give users an easy way to subscribe to your source feed in their own calendar software
Regular expressions
Customize your calendar output with powerful pattern matching

Dynamic performance

Automatic feed syncing & caching
Feeds are automatically updated hourly, with local caching (for performance); cache duration is customizable
Feed pre-caching
Get improved performance on large calendars by automatically pre-caching feeds

Flexible pricing options

  • Annual
    Get Started

    updates & support for 1 year
    up to 2 installs

  • Lifetime
    Better Value

    updates & support forever*
    up to 2 installs

  • Developer

    updates & support forever*
    up to 50 installs

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*Sadly nothing is truly “forever,” but in this case, it means you’ll get updates and support for as long as we are actively maintaining ICS Calendar Pro.

This plugin includes the PHP ICS Parser library by Jonathan Goode, John Grogg and Martin Thoma (MIT license). ICS Calendar Pro also includes Plugin Update Checker, FullCalendar, Masonry, and an appropriately licensed, embedded version of Advanced Custom Fields Pro, configured to function solely on ICS Calendar admin screens (unless the ICS Calendar custom block for Block Editor is enabled). If ACF Pro is already installed on your site, your installed version is used, to avoid any conflict.