With the free ICS Calendar plugin for WordPress, you can embed any iCalendar-compatible feed (Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, macOS/iOS Calendar and many more) seamlessly into your WordPress site using a simple shortcode.

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Feature Comparison

Feature ICS Calendar ICS Calendar Pro
Multiple feeds in one calendar Yes Yes
Color-coding of events by feed Yes Yes
Display event titles, locations, organizers, descriptions and URLs Yes Yes
Customizable date ranges Yes Yes
Instant feed updates1 Yes Yes
Month view Yes Yes
List view Yes Yes
Week view Yes Yes
Hour grid view No Yes
Month view with day details sidebar No Yes
Interactive sidebar widget view No Yes
Year-at-a-glance view No Yes
Shortcode-based setup Yes Yes
Classic Editor “Add ICS Calendar” button setup Yes Yes
Wizard-based setup with saved configurations No Yes
CSS-based appearance modification Yes Yes
Themes and Customizer-based appearance modification No Yes
Event filter/search tool No Yes
Regular expression support for output customizations No Yes
Priority customer support No Yes

1 Events update on page refresh; data may be cached on the server for up to 10 minutes between updates. Calendar can be configured to update on each page load but for performance reasons this is generally not recommended.

This plugin includes the PHP ICS Parser library by Jonathan Goode, John Grogg and Martin Thoma (MIT license).