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General WordPress Settings

Wherever possible, ICS Calendar does things “the WordPress way,” including relying on your general site settings for certain properties of the calendar. Before working with ICS Calendar, be sure to navigate to Settings → General in your WordPress admin and check the following settings: Site Language This will use built-in WordPress functions to correctly display…


ICS Calendar includes a number of hooks that were created primarily to allow ICS Calendar Pro to extend its functionality. Many of these hooks are still in development and subject to change, but we will document them here as they become available for theme and add-on developers’ use. Where do I put this code? We…


The ICS Calendar Pro features in the Customizer include three panels: Colors, Layout, and Text. These tools allow you to customize the appearance of your calendars site-wide to match your theme. Colors The Colors panel lets you customize text, border and background colors used by the plugin. It includes a set of predefined palettes, but…

Manual Calendar Setup

In addition to Calendar Builder, ICS Calendar Pro provides complete support for the standard manual shortcode-based approach to creating calendars from the free ICS Calendar plugin, with additional support for the extra views (layouts) and options included in the Pro version. [ics_calendar url=”” view=”month-with-sidebar”] You can even mix-and-match individual shortcode settings with a saved calendar…

Calendar Builder

The free version of ICS Calendar requires you to create a shortcode with all of your configuration options typed in. Calendar Builder in ICS Calendar Pro lets you configure one or more customized calendar displays with a user-friendly interface and generates a simple ID-based shortcode that you can drop in anywhere you would use the…

ICS Calendar Pro

Hurry! Prices increase on January 1, 2024.

ICS Calendar Pro is a paid add-on to the free ICS Calendar plugin for WordPress. It adds seven new view options, extra features in the three core views, plus the user-friendly Calendar Builder tool and visual styling in the Customizer.

An Annual license (US $29) covers one year of updates and support for two WordPress installations (single or multisite). License must be renewed annually to retain full access to all features, updates and support.

A Lifetime license (US $99) covers all future updates and support for two WordPress installations (single or multisite).

A Developer license (US $259) covers all future updates and support for 50 WordPress installations (single or multisite).

All Pro licenses include a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. If the plugin doesn’t meet your needs and we’re unable to provide a solution, we’ll issue a full refund.

Note: The two-installation limit allows for using the plugin on both your development and live sites; it is not intended to allow the plugin to be used on two different live site installations. The developer 50-installation limit is intended for use with up to 25 separate client sites.


Easily add your existing calendar to any WordPress site Google Calendar, Office 365, iCloud (Mac/iOS), Airbnb and more… no API keys required!

ICS Calendar Pro

More Views Full: month/week/day/list tabs offer a combination of day grid and time grid layouts New in version 4.0! Masonry: a more engaging tile-based layout for list view New in version 4.3! Widget: mini-calendar with day list below Month with sidebar showing day details Year with sidebar showing day details Availability in both year and…