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CSS Tips and Tricks

This is an evolving page, where we will collect CSS “tricks” we have worked out with users of the plugin, to help them accomplish their specific goals with calendar display. If the display issue you’re encountering is not listed here, please open a ticket in the WordPress Support Forums.

ICS Calendar CSS Classes

These CSS classes are presented as a reference, but are not in context. ICS Calendar takes extensive advantage of the “cascading” aspect of CSS and uses more complex selectors in most cases, so using your browser’s inspector is the most effective way to find the right selector to use in any given situation. The “lazy”…


Set a custom background color on the calendar table. (Applies only to views that use a table.)


Show past events in list view in reverse chronological order.

ICS Calendar Pro version 3.15 introduces Widget Availability view

Big things are still underway for version 4.0 of ICS Calendar Pro, which will introduce an integration of the library for a whole new way of displaying an integrated, interactive multi-view calendar. But don’t worry… the current set of views aren’t going anywhere! In fact, today’s release of version 3.15 introduces a new view,…


Set whether event details display in a hover box or toggle open/closed on click.


Set the display view. Default is month view.


Turn off the default modifications to month layouts on small mobile devices.


Set the number of past days to include in the displayed calendar.


Set the date display format.


Display your calendars in a more compact layout.