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Turns off most CSS styles for the Basic view (introduced in version 10.13), allowing for full customization with your own CSS.

ICS Calendar v.10.12.1 and ICS Calendar Pro v.4.9.0 now available

Today marks the release of ICS Calendar version 10.12.1 and ICS Calendar Pro version 4.9.0. These are incremental updates, focused mainly on minor bug fixes and enhancements. The primary changes in both versions are: The combinemultiday parameter now works properly regardless of the site’s Week starts on setting. (It previously only labeled events spanning across…

One of the biggest challenges of developing a calendar plugin: date-specific bugs

It’s a new month! Strangely, as September got underway, I suddenly started to receive a number of support emails concerning a peculiar bug in the (relatively) new “Full” view in ICS Calendar Pro. People were finding that their calendar pages were coming up blank. Switching to “Month” or another view did not cause the same…

ICS Calendar v.10.11.5 and ICS Calendar Pro v.4.8.4 now available

Today marks the release of ICS Calendar version 10.11.5 and ICS Calendar Pro 4.8.4. These updates primarily include bug fixes, with a few new features. Many new features are in the works for the upcoming ICS Calendar 11.0 and Pro 5.0 updates, which should be available in August or September. In the meantime, today’s updates…


This parameter is intended for SEO-focused developers who wish to control which HTML tags are used for the month headings. (Note: In year-based Pro views, this heading is used for the year.) The default value is h3. The following accepted values are allowed (must be lowercase): h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, p, div, span Note:…  Read More

ICS Calendar 10.10.0 and ICS Calendar Pro 4.8.0 are now available

This afternoon saw the release of the latest versions of both plugins, ICS Calendar 10.10.0 and ICS Calendar Pro 4.8.0. These are the first releases under a new development process that will ensure fewer small updates moving forward. These updates are mostly focused on three things: General bug fixes and performance improvements Refactored jQuery to…


Visually combine multi-day events into a block spanning day cells in the calendar table.

Sometimes you just have to admit defeat… at least temporarily

ICS Calendar version 10.6 introduced a new feature that changed how and when the plugin’s JavaScript and CSS files get loaded, deferring loading to the end of the page (including the CSS), and only loading them on pages that actually include a calendar. It’s a good goal! Not loading extra assets on pages that don’t…

ICS Calendar Pro v.4.4.2 adds numerous “missing” features to Full view

When ICS Calendar Pro version 4.0 rolled out at the end of December, it introduced the new Full view, based on the FullCalendar library. It was a huge new feature, but it was, necessarily, incomplete. In web development terms, we talk about a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). It’s a good way of approaching a project…