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Display your calendars in a more compact layout.

New features and bug fixes in ICS Calendar Pro version 3.7.0

Today marks the release of ICS Calendar Pro version 3.7.0. This version includes functional enhancements that were added to ICS Calendar in versions 8.7.0 and 8.8.0 over the past month, along with a few targeted bug fixes in the Month with Sidebar view, and some general CSS tweaks. The calendar builder now includes the updated…


ICS Calendar includes a number of hooks that were created primarily to allow ICS Calendar Pro to extend its functionality. Many of these hooks are still in development and subject to change, but we will document them here as they become available for theme and add-on developers’ use. Where do I put this code? We…

Admin Settings & Tools

ICS Calendar Pro has a few site-wide configuration settings, along with some additional diagnostic tools, available under ICS Calendar > Settings & Tools in the WordPress admin.

Calendar Builder

The free version of ICS Calendar requires you to create a shortcode with all of your configuration options typed in. Calendar Builder lets you configure one or more customized calendar displays with a user-friendly interface and generates a simple ID-based shortcode that you can drop in anywhere you would use the full ICS Calendar shortcode.…


Easily add your existing calendar to any WordPress site Google Calendar, Office 365, iCloud (Mac/iOS), Airbnb and more… no API keys required!